Swann Morton Craft Blades SM 01, SM 01 B, SM 02, SM 03, SM 03B or SM 04 Blades


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  • Swann Morton Heavey duty Craft Knife Blades ( Blades only, No handle included)  Click Here for Handles
  • These will fit Swan morton Handles No. (SM00 Fixed Blade), (SM0- R, Retractaway), (SM 0R II,  Retractaway)
  • Highly Versatile Cutting tool produced with designers, graphic artists and model makers in mind
  • Manufactured In Sheffield England


Heavy duty Craft Handles



New and improved Retractraway Premium Handle compare to the previous model (Swann Morton Graphite finished Model # 2800). The Premium Retractway is easily recognisable with its Reflex Blue handle. The Handle feaures a more durable stainless steel Bayonet Providing the user with Additional Lateral Stregth and Logevity of use.   With easy Blade chaning it fits and safely Retracts Surgical Blade No’ 10, 10A, 11, 15 and 15 A  


The SM0-R is a heavy duty cast metal Retractable handle and is particulary suitable for woodwork, craft and model Making and the cutting edge requirements of the handy person and D.I.Y. enthuiast. There is a choice of 4 havey-duty blades: SM01, SM02,SM03 and SM04


The SM0R II retratable handle, the PCABS handle, features a forward position to assist with easy blade fitment and remvoal along with audible clicks to indicate the mid usage position and rear safe poition for when the kife is not in use. These can be used with, SM 01, SM 01B, SM 03, SM 03B and SM 04


The Supa-R is a heavy duty cast metal handle particularly for artwork, crafts and model making and cutting edge requirements of the handy person and D.I.Y.enthusiat. The hand can be opened by hand for blade changing. It has the added safety advantage of a hand retracable blade mechanism. There is a choice of 4 heavy duty blades: S, T, V and W.

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Swann Morton


SM Craft Blades

Blade Number

SM 01, SM 02, SM 03, SM 04

No. Of Blades

50, 10